ONE UNDONE is an enterprise in collectivity. collaboration is at the core of the foundation and our name. we celebrate the ways difference and individuality reinforce, rather than reduce unity. through empathy, the remoteness of “ONE” is “UNDONE” and we forge connections with each other and the world around us. the artists in this foundation each bring something different to this integrated whole. as students and teachers of their our own crafts in art, design, food and spirituality we are integral to the process of raising consciousness—of thinking, living, and creating with a desire to connect, to feel, to understand. ours is an aesthetic of kindness and our creative output is among the most progressive, mind-expanding, and empowering in canada. even our snack bar is based on the principle of “empathetic eating,” mostly plant-based and ethnically diverse. nurturing mind, body, and soul, our products and services showcase the dynamics of engagement and collaboration.




2175 Crescent Street,

Monteal, QC , H3C 2G1

(438) 375 - 4240


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